It seems to me that the only things that anyone is ever talking about on here is the games, their spouse, how their days been... I hadn't realized this was a social network.

When I first joined up, there was always someone trying to tweak their truck to get more power, or doing an ACTUAL MOD, or someone having a problem with their truck and plenty of members ACTUALLY giving input instead of saying "hope you figure it out"...

I don't know if maybe it's just me... but I DONT GIVE A **** about "this or that"... or who's gonna post next.. or word association.. how many questions we can answer with a question!!

Seems like they've all fallen into the cracks of the social network slop of the internet or something.

I remember just a few months ago if I posted a thread talking about the changes that can be made to amp up the power your truck is making, or who was unhappy with the amount of power their truck makes... there would have ACTUALLY BEEN REPLIES ON IT... rather than "This or THat"

Am I the only member that feels this way??