One of the things I like about this forum is that it is NOT just about trucks but it does have that community feel towards it. The forums that I generally stick around with are that way. I'm on a few Camaro forums that are great for technical information but there's no community aspect, and since I no longer have a 3rd or 4th gen Camaro (and never got into the first gens), I don't frequent those nearly as much. But this site, a Monte Carlo site I'm on, an GP site I'm on, and the 2nd gen Camaro site that I'm on are all more of a community and so I stick around those, even though I no longer have a Monte Carlo or a FWD Grand Prix. Most of the active members have varying levels of mechanical experience. The vast majority of my mechanical experience actually isn't very applicable here (SFI, forced induction V6s, namely the 3800 Series V6s). And even then, I'm no help on transmissions, rear ends, suspensions, etc. So if I see a thread that I can't add any GOOD input to, I simply do not post. A lot of the members that I've noticed are more active are learning themselves and don't have a lot of answers. There's nothing wrong with that. I was there when I first started learning how to work on engines.

Also, a great point was made about vacations. A lot of people are on vacation this time of year and won't be around. I'm actually on my Annual Training with my Reserve unit and so I haven't been on every day. I get on when I can but not near the frequency that I do when I'm at home and have regular internet.

While I don't play all the games, I've gotten to know some of the members through some of the games that I probably would not have gotten to know otherwise. My truck is on hold till the Camaro is painted, so I won't have any project posts for quite a while unless I catch a deal on the motor that's going into it. So these games are a good way for me to stay involved with the site, even when I don't have anything to contribute from a technical standpoint.