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    Default Can someone help a Cableguy out?

    I get mixed up between Litres and Gallons all the time. My snow blow says it takes 50:1 mixed gas. So I bought a small jerry can 1.25 USGallons.
    If I fill can (1.25 Gallons) how much oil do I put in????

    Sorry for such a silly question but I can't remember the last time I mixed gas
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    I believe 50/1 means 2.5 ounces oil per gallon. But don’t take my word on it, I can’t remember my name half the time.

    Or you could use this.

    Lets see if I’m right.

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    See a Pattern yet?

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    Stay warm there Cable Guy.
    Here is the your answer. btw the 50:1 works liters or gallons. I'm using gal.s
    There are 128 oz. in a gal. You need 1/50 of that, which equals 2.56 oz. . I'd make it 3 oz for the gal. more oil is better than less.
    I think you said your container is a 1.25 gal. so , that will be 160 oz. Then you would need 1/50th of 160 which would be 3.2 oz. or 3.5 oz. (safe)
    Hope that helps.
    stay warm.
    (you probly knew the answer , you got me !)
    Jay :happy: Waxhaw, N.C.
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    89 Ski Marlin Boat 350 ci:party: pulling machine. 7 skiiers.

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    That site was dead on! You are my hero Steve

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    Jay was a math wiz in school, Thanks

    PS the work shop furnace is on....I'm warm now LOL
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    gee, I would have told ya, in exchange for HDTV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffs89Suburban View Post
    gee, I would have told ya, in exchange for HDTV
    Your to expensive......

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    was worth a shot ;) the morons here don't even know what it is
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    I thought he needed a cable question answered.
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    They just now turned our heaters on in the shop at work. He He I love arizona. The only place i know that you can wear shorts year round.
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