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    Default Can I remove catalytic coverter in 1988 1Ton

    Seeing I only have safety inspection, I just really do not know if it will have a negative impact on truck performace or MPG ? And I cannot afford new one I am really broke, A hundred dollars is like a million right now so no reply's on cheap hundred dollar cat's please. thank you

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    welcome to the forum. Why are you considering replacing it? If it is clogged or otherwise defective then I could only imagine your performance and mpg would only improve. Converters bring good money at the salvage yards and even more at metal recyclers. I say remove it and sell it, problem solved and some cash in the pocket.
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    It is illegal, so you didn't hear it here, hehe; I don't think you'll have any trouble at all.

    The O2 sensor(s) in front of the cat will continue to do their thing, the rear O2 sensor might complain and throw a code (the rear sensor is only there to monitor the condition of the cat). In fact, in '88 there may not be a rear sensor, if it's a one ton, there may not be a sensor.

    At any rate, if you have one and if it causes the pcm to throw a code, come back, I can find a fix for the code.

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    Regardless of whether your state has emissions testing or not, it is illegal to remove a catalytic converter from a vehicle. That's federal law. And to be completely honest, anymore, it's completely pointless to run without a cat unless you're pushing 6-800 hp or more. Modern cats are not very restrictive at all and will NOT hurt your performance unless, like I said, you're using a race motor and pushing very high levels of power. Most of those aren't streetable anyway. If you're just removing it to remove it, don't. The "butt dyno" won't register a thing, nor will the fuel mileage change. A simple tuneup will do FAR more for your performance and fuel mileage than removing the cat ever will.
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