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I had never expected a u-joint could be that far out of ballance. So what would be the equivelant to 2grams and as tbplus10 has pointed out, how far off center could it be and still be OK?
A penny weighs about 3 grams. I should've taken a look in the shop to see what the balancing machine looked like. I saw where they took a weight off, put a new one in the same position from front to back, but moved it a few degrees around the radius of the shaft.
This second place I took it to is called Bill's Driveshaft in Englewood, CO (with the classy tag line "You can't beat our shafts") and they do a ton of them. When I had my 71 Buick Electra they rebuilt that with a double-carden u-joint drive shaft and did a great job.
I noticed the front shaft u-joints were pretty loose and probably need to be done soon. I'll be using these guys from now on for u-joint work.