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    Thumbs down 2012 siverado 1500 LT Z71

    I've been a Ford owner last 15 years but decided with all the incentives to try a Chevy. Ford quality seems much tougher but with less bells and whistles. Very dissapointed with my find of a 17" spare rather than a matching 18" tire. Ford would never try to sneak something like that by. also drum rear brakes ??? didn't know they even still made them. All the forums I've seen on the 17" spare mention worries about tire rotation. My concern is safety while towing and tearing up 4 wheel drive with different size tires. I got the HD towing package, which by the way does not include towing mirrors as Ford does, how about SAFETY Chevy people?

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    I doubt the spare is Chevy's doing, but rather, the dealership's. As with any vehicle manufacturer there are both good and bad dealerships. My Dad loves Fords and I've seen a dealership he bought from [once] pull some hokey crap, too...

    On the plus side, your issue is one that's easy to resolve. Go to the dealership, bring it up, and tell them they need to make it right. If they refuse then the worst you have to deal with is replacing the spare, which is no big deal.

    Towing mirrors are similar. Presumably you took the time to inspect what came in the packages you elected rather than assuming Chevy and Ford do things the same way. (They are different, after all -- so differences should have been expected and watched for.) If you needed/wanted towing mirrors it was as simple as asking about them prior to purchase. If you have the truck and it lacks them, then again, it's a simple change to add them, yourself, if the safety of which you speak is truly that important to you. (Chevy people who feel they need towing mirrors for safety do, indeed, add them, by the way; there are a number of threads here on the subject of towing mirrors.)

    Welcome to owning a GM. Hopefully your expectations that GM and Ford do things exactly the same way hasn't soured you on what will likely prove to be a solid vehicle if you give it a chance.
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    Welcome to the club and GM, I agree 100% with SurrealOne above. Hope you enjoy the site.

    2002 Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab SportSide: See Mods in My Garage

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    I just went to fords site and tried to build a truck. When you select heavy duty tow package, no mention of standard towing mirrors. Also when I selected 20" wheels, the spare is an 18". These are common practice among most manufacturers, including both GM and Ford. The size of the wheel on the spare doesn't matter, the tire offsets the difference. They end up with the same rolling diameter.

    I know it's too late now, but the mirrors are only a $55 option when they build the truck. Hopefully you enjoy your truck and are a newly converted lifelong GM owner.
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    I was surprised to find the rear drum brakes on both my 07 and 12 as well.

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    To the Site.......

    ***On the Rear Drum Brakes, on your Silverado, below is a Very Good Article as to Why G.M./Chevy went Back to Rear Drum Brakes on their Full Size Trucks,

    In Braking Systems, the Race for Better Stopping Power Is On

    ***On the Spare Tire, as you know with your research, this has been an Issue/Concern, with the Spare Tire, on the 07" and up NNBS GMT-900 Series Trucks, its not the Dealership's doing, and the reason I say this, is the following Information, which is from the 2011" Silverado Owners Manual......Section 10....Page 95,

    **Do Not mix Tires and Wheels of Different Sizes, because they will not fit. Keep your Spare Tire and its Wheel together,

    **If your Vehicle has a....SPARE TIRE that DOES NOT MATCH....your Vehicle's Original Road Tires and Wheels in Size and Type, DO NOT INCLUDE the SPARE in the TIRE ROTATION.

    The Above Information, Regarding"
    If your Vehicle has a....SPARE TIRE that DOES NOT not found in the 99" to 07"NBS GMT800 Silverado/Sierra's Owners Manual, this why I feel its not the Dealership's doing.....and GM the Company.

    ....You've have a Brand New 2012" Silverado 1500 Z71, give it a chance to show you what it can do for you regarding the Performance....the Handling and Towing Capability and the other Features that it has, and hopefully in time, you can look beyond those issue's that you've mentioned above, these are issue's, no question, but small issue IMO.

    In Closing......Once again Welcome to the Site and the G.M./Chevy Family.....

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    5.3 l 3.73 l G80

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    Welcome to the G M T C ! I've owned both GMs and Fords and overall Chevy comes out on top, in my opinion. As mentioned above, "give it a chance" and then re-evaluate it. Have fun!
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    w/8.1L Chevy & Allison 6spd.
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    Very interesting article on the brakes. Thanks for posting that.

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    99'Hearbeat, you see that comment about the tire rotation in most owner's manuals. I believe it's a catch-all on basic tire rotation (i.e. emergency spares don't get rotated; full-size spares, do). I don't consider it defnitive about the factory versus the dealership. That said, you may well be correct... we're still simply unsure.

    I'm actually curious, now, if a full-size spare is an option. It might be ... and the OP might not have selected it. It wouldn't shock me for an emergency spare to be SOP, as donuts shave weight ... and shaving weight improves mpg targets.

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    Welcome to the club, hope you enjoy the forum!

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