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thanks guys im taking it back in, if the canaster is un hooked would the selonoid still be hooked up??

noodles where did u get the relocation kit?

patman is cleaning the vent noid part easy? no special tools or funky stuff? just pull it off and clean up and reinstall?

thanks so much guys! maybe i can just do this at home!
I ordered the kit from Amazon. Took me a while to find a good price, but got it for around $75. You will also need to purchase a short piece of radiator hose (can't remember the size for sure) that is not included in the kit.

I tried cleaning mine out before replacing. There is a small bucket looking part off the gas can (#3 in Patman's pic). It just slides off, then you can open it up and try to clean it out. Mine was too far clogged. Also, the hose (#4 in the above pic) had to be cut off because it was stuck on so tightly. But as soon as I cut the hose off, WOOOSH! It was like the tank had been holding it's breath forever and finally could breathe. Went and filled it u