Actually, setting 5 IS working, just not 1-4. The AC will blow cold on 5, and there is NOTHING on the other settings. When we got this vehicle back in 2007, I did notice a continual problem of setting 1 on fan, the air just didn't blow much unless the truck was moving. Then, last year, there was this little mouse squeak noise from the area to the left and under the steering wheel dash side. It'd do it every, oh, 11 seconds as a rhythm. I was wondering what that forebode. Perhaps now I know.SO.....I know little to bubkus about this, so help me out, please. Fan only blows on 5, dead on 1-4. AC works. Chkd the AC fuse BEFORE I realized that 5 worked ok.What might this be?Thanks from a newbie!Hil