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    Quote Originally Posted by RayVoy View Post
    Even at home, the weapons must be locked and the ammo separately locked.
    That's just prudent. I do this, as well, for all except my personal/home defense firearms when I'm home.

    My personal defense firearm is usually within arm's reach me or on my body while at home; the home defense firearm has a specific place in my home that is easily accessed but is not easily seen. (A locked-up personal or home defense firearm doesn't do you much good since it's not accessible.) Understand that I live alone ... so if someone's coming into my home and I'm not expecting them ... they likely need to be dealt with in a defensive fashion. If I had kids then the personal defense firearm would remain on my body even at home -- and be put into a quicksafe at the nightstand when sleeping; the home defense firearm would be locked up using a ShotLock or similar while I was home.

    Anytime I'm not home my firearms are always locked up...

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    This is quite believebale/unbelieveable...BN's will be used instead of names

    Today while going to cut grass, my cousin (Police Officer in the town) was called to find a little girl (16 y/o) who entered a shady house. I was riding with him to go cut grass at some apartments and he flipped on his E-lights in his personal vehicle. When we arrived at the location (right across the street from the apartments), he went to talk to the girl's mother who was across the street in the parking lot for the college about 100yds away. Another officer "121" was already on "scene" and talking with the girls mother and informed my cousin, "119" that her daughter went into the shady looking house. "121" does not carry a personal back up or a shotgun in his unit so "119" was well, unarmed. Other officers were tied up with traffic stops and accidents.

    At this point "119" realized that I bring my pistol everywhere and ran back to his Tahoe to get it and the holster it was in and the extra magazine I always carry. "121" knocked on the door hard enough to knock it open (flimsy little door). "121" advised dispatch that they had an open door and entered the house. Inside, they found the guy inside getting dressed and reaching for his illegally owned (convicted felon) handgun and the lady's daughter trying to get dressed so they wouldn't catch them together. The man was arrested for illegally owning a firearm by a convicted felon, parole violation, and statutory rape.

    I had my knee in a "Captain Morgan" pose on the trailer watching/hearing this unfold and was feeling damn glad I carried my pistol today and it helped someone even though I wasn't using it.

    Only thing I'm going to hate is if I'm subpeona'd (sp?) for this crap but like I told "121" and "119" I didn't hear or see a thing

    If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger cheater bar.

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    I can understand the off-duty officer not having a firearm ... but the on-duty officer lacking one? That's ridiculous!

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    Thats what I said. He's a rook and still hasn't bought a backup which I can understand but I still don't get the shotgun part either

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayVoy View Post
    The point I want to make, is that the police officers (because of their training) would not discharge the weapon as quickly as the untrained citizen and would certainly not spray the room with lead.

    This is a discussion that I can not win, so I am not going to try. The "freedom" of your 2nd amendment has been over zealously used to allow citizens to carry, in my opinion. It reminds me of the "old west" movies, but in those, the cowboys had to check their guns at the sheriff's office.

    And, please understand.............I do not mean to offend, just an outsider's view.
    Please accept this incident of what a LEO would do. 2 blocks from my home just a few weeks back a troubled teen who had been cut by several hispanic boys took his fathers .45 and also donned a flack jacket. He left home telling his mother he did not want anyone else to get hurt. Being a mother he called the Police. a squad car arrived and spooked the troubled teen. He fired 2 rounds at the retreating police car. Others arrived and cornered the young man and with out trying to talk him down opened fire, eventually making a fatal shot. The Sheriff stated that more than 4 shots were fired at the troubled teen. My friends who witnessed the shooting said it was more than 40 shots. No details as to the fatal shot position but many said he went looking to die. I say he went to get even and that is why he wore a bullet proof vest.
    My point is officers do not always show the restraint you speak of. Go to you tube and watch officers empty and reload shooting wildly at a suspect. Adrenalin is a huge factor of how many times the trigger is pulled. Especially in what one may consider life and death situations.
    By continuing to fire and be the aggressor this grandfather became a hero and saved many lives. Too bad he was in the movie theater down the road in Aurora when I was there. That armed idiot harmed many many innocent people. Sadly he was arrested and not killed on the spot.

    I was married to a British woman who always talked about guns and how in her country they weren't allowed. I always told her that is correct but in America we don't plant bombs on door steps and then run like cowards.

    Point being , take away guns and criminals find another more dangerous avenue to inflict pain on others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach24 View Post
    My point is officers do not always show the restraint you speak of.
    I know that, sadly, most are not like those portrayed in the moves
    Quote Originally Posted by Coach24 View Post
    Point being , take away guns and criminals find another more dangerous avenue to inflict pain on others.
    Perhaps. Cowards will always find a away to justify their version of righting wrong.

    '09 Avalanche LTZ - Black
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    Quote Originally Posted by SurrealOne View Post
    I read the news report on this several days ago. The firearm used for defensive purposes was a .380 ACP caliber weapon and the lead did, indeed, go into the robbers. Both lived, too; the police picked them up in the hospital in which they had sought treatment.

    As for your 'only in America' comment, you're right. Only in America do we have a right within our Bill of Rights that allows us to stand up and be hereos rather than being forced into being victims. After all, the police can't protect you right then and there; when seconds count they are minutes (or tens of minutes) away. All they can do is avenge you (if you're dead) or go after someone who victimized you (if you lived); neither actually protects you at a time when you need it. By comparison, Canada forces its citizens to be victims since it doesn't empower them to meet force with force to defend themselves (or others) from criminals. That's quite sad. I firmly believe that a population that is not empowered to protect itself by meeting force with force ... is a population of subjects ... not citizens. (If my history serves me correctly, in Greece -- where the term 'citizen' originates -- citizens were required to have swords and shields and also required to participate in the army to defend the city state if they were to have the right to vote.)

    Consider also that criminals WILL find a way to get weapons, even if they are illegal to possess -- as a criminal cares nothing for the law. Thus, it makes no sense to deny sane, drug-free, law abiding citizens who have no history of domestic violence the ability to meet threats of imminent death or great bodily harm with lethal force ... when the criminal element that cares nothing for the law, might well be doped up, and quite probably has a violent history ... and will most likely have weapons.

    I am by no means a homo, but if I were a woman I would snatch you right up. haha

    I salute you sir! I am also an NRA member myself.

    "Never ask a man if he's from Texas. If he is, he'll tell you. If he isn't, there is no need to embarrass him."

    2012 Silverado 1500 Texas Edition 4x4 LT skid plate, 5000k 55W low beams with DRL fuse removed, 5000k 35W fog lamps.

    Leveling kit and tires coming soon.

    Leaving for boot camp at MCRDSD 20121008.

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    Damn surreal you ate this one up, i can appreciate all aspects of this discussion however.

    I live in Alaska, it still is very much the wild west attitude up here. I mean this in the sense that, would be criminals KNOW we are allowed to openly carry without a permit and they KNOW that in any given restaurant, cafe, theater..etc, there are probably more then one male/female not leaving the safety of their enjoyable outing up for chance.

    Our crime rate by the number is pretty minimal. Per capita we are horrible! (only because our population is so tiny)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridyn View Post
    i am by no means a homo, but if i were a woman i would snatch you right up. Haha

    i salute you sir! I am also an nra member myself.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RayVoy View Post
    RayVoy, please pardon the quote used to notify you; it seems user tagging is borked.

    I stumbled across this video while perusing another (non-truck) forum that I frequent and figured I'd share it. It may lend those in Canada some perspective on why the U.S.A. has a right to keep and bear arms and holds it dear, as the video has a bit of a history lesson in it that's nearly classroom-worthy. Enjoy.

    Last edited by SurrealOne; 08-04-2012 at 04:00 AM.

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