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    Default My 01 it for the long haul

    Hey GMTC, I have been here on and off but a lot has happened since the last time I posted something. I live in Jacksonville, NC and am 20 years old. I am a huge chevy fan and have been my whole life.'s my story, I purchased a used 2001 Chevrolet Silverado in the spring of 2009 (my junior year in high school). It's a black 2001 Silverado stepside 4.8l 2wd with 115,XXX miles. Pretty much my first car that I actually held on to. It came with gibson side exhaust, sony radio, black tonneau cover, and a black bow BONE stock. Here is the only picture I have of it in this state.

    Like I said I was still in high school and was the first few mods were cheap. I have never been a huge fan of tonneau covers so it came off and got sold almost immediately, after the snow. Next, I went to a little window tinting place in town and got them to put 5% on the back and like 30% on the sides, I know pretty useless but since I didn't want to get any tickets I just went with it.

    After searching FOREVER to find one that would fit, I bought a know for all those tools a high schooler
    (ignore the I EAT DIRT...some friends tagged it at the beach)

    So, I was getting out of high school and starting college at Campbell University in the middle of BFE...didn't do too much to the truck except lil bitty stuff...aka floor mats, cd organizer, steering wheel cover....but here is my favorite picture ever even though the front valence is broken off :(

    One weekend that I came home from school I decided to give it a cleaning like it deserved...3 hours later and a couple articles on here....

    Clean engine bay with shaved chevy symbols and.....

    Orange bow tie *Campbell University school colors are orange and black*
    **the dent is from where I hit a 25mph sign doin about 40 around a sharp corner...all it did tho no biggy

    But like I said I was a broke college kid and the truck had been put on the back burner. Beer and ***** were the three biggest things in my "college years". So not a lot had been done to the truck, except about 3 front valences, the foglights being torn off, and all the lil things previously mentioned. I had just put a new Daystar 2" leveling kit on it, AND THEN IT HAPPENED!!!...The best worst thing to have ever happened to anyone....

    I was on my way home from my first full year at college, passsing thru Dunn, NC, a dumbass in a little ranger slammed on brakes in front of me and when I locked up to keep from hitting him **BAM** a loaded down semi hit me going 35 mph never slowing down. I was sandwiched between the two trucks and had a massive headache. I hated that truck after that. I wanted to get rid of it so bad but my dad made me keep it. Insurance totalled it out, wasn't my fault even tho the old guy in the ranger told me it was my fault how idk but anyways...she sat in the yard in her "crumpled-beer-can" state as I like to call it for about 2 months...

    Then the good part happened, I ended up gettin about $6,000 total. Bought the truck back and my uncles being the loving family they are, decided to fix it themselves cause they are body men, not good body men but body men....."all new" parts turned into fixing old ones...

    Rode around with the redneck back bumper for a little while until they got everything the way THEY wanted it to look.

    Jville Lean
    Why Squat when you can Lean?

    2001 Chevrolet Silverado Stepside:
    Gibson side exhaust, Airaid CAI, Daystar Leveling kit, Diablosport Predator, Deezee Black Bull bar, KC Daylighters, GT styling smoked headlight covers, Wilson 2 meter, Uniden VHF, Radioshak Whip antenna, 5% tint all around, Sony Xplode radio, blacked out bow tie and 3rd brake light...More to come REAL soon

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    This is how it turned out...some half ass work done by my uncles but she looks OK....some stuff I'm not happy about but whatever and when you wash it you can still see the orange peel paint and from where the bed hit the cab. Like I said not extremely happy but I can live with it. I ended up with new bumpers, hood, another valence, and tailgate. This also meant I had a **** load of cash left, even after buying an iPhone and other necessities, so let the modifications begin :D

    All my stuff is ordered from JC Whitney online...but I got the Airaid cold air intake first, was good but not enough power. Then I bought the diablo predator, oh my jesus...powered like poured out the motor after that...loved it. I then ordered a bullbar with the KC daylighters. The KCs got here but the bullbar was back ordered then just cancelled. So i had to wait to get the KCs put on. I changed the bow tie back to black after the accident cause i ended up transferring to the community college in Jville where i am still a slave at. How she sat for a little while at the college...

    Hunting season came and I got the fever. A used Uniden VHF and a brand new Wilson 2 meter went on with ease.

    A dog box is being custom made by my cousins and myself. Still a work in progress. But with the cold and deere season comes beer, bonfires, and mud Remember its a 2wd but I treated it like a 4wd. Friday and Saturday night bonfires at the farm were not uncommon. Mudding and getting burried was my kinda party.

    Those last two were the morning after a buddy's F250 had yank me out of a whole where water was coming in the doors thanksgiving night when my parents were in Cancun. After hunting season and playing with atvs again I decided to actually treat my truck good and keep her clean like she deserves after the long hard life she's had....

    So I went to Myrtle Beach, SC for my 20th bday to go see Brantley Gilbert in concert and found this amazing sticker that I have never seen anyone in NC or SC have so I decided to blow it up and put it on the back glass. Please dont copy I hate having people take ideas or stickers and put them on their trucks :( I like being different.

    Heres another random picture that I like that was taken at the farm after pullin my cousin out of a bad hole.

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    I love the story and the pictures great work on getting it back together . I do have to ask you though, How did your family put the front bumper together? I have the top plastic trim, bottom plastic trim and the metal bumper, but the plastic clips are a pain to get to snap in the holes for the bottom piece (my front bumper is identical to yours) and I have gotten fed up trying to get those clips in.

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    After waiting about a year, I finally re-ordered my black bull bar and it came in. Also finally got to put the KCs on....

    A few more pictures of how she sat for about 3 or 4 months...

    Now, the most recent mods include having the windows retinted to 5% all the way around, a whip antenna, and a sticker that has Jville Lean on it. Its a truck club that me and some buddies came up with kinda like Carolina Squat because Why squat when you can lean? lol

    And on top of all this good news, comes bad outcomes...a few nights ago as my girlfriend was leaving to go home, she backed right into my bull bar and KCs. I took them both off for a day to fix it that night. Everything is good now and got some new goodies as well. New smoked headlight covers.

    The next few things will be here as long as my money is plentiful throughout this semester. New mods include but not limitted to: smoked taillight covers, 16" DC2s, and new VHF and CB. Also thinking about getting my bed rhino lined but not too sure if I want that yet or not. Anyways I apologize if I have bored any of you and please feel free to comment on anything. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
    *These three post combined are 10,827 characters long and 40 some images so they could not fit into one post (found out the hard way)
    **Footnotes: Bought first truck in high school, got in bad wreck after first year in college, got everything fixed and we is back on top :P

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    Great post and good looking reg cab
    2009 chevy 1500 z71 4x4
    2.5 ccm level,2.5 inch rear blocks 305/60/18 coopers stt,Debadged,10 series flow w/dual exit in front or right rear tire, KN CAI, diablo InTune, 18% tint all the way around ,spec-d euro headlights with black housings,winjet smoke LED tail lights,putco LED third brake light smoked, fab fours front bumper with 10k warn winch, RK sports ram air hood
    1965 c10 swb, zz4 350 with the hot cam and fast burn heads and a 780 Holley on top, richmond super street 5 speed,restorod

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    She looks nice. My brother has a 99 Stepside 4x4 that is red. If I had the money, I'd buy that big beast and fix it up real nice. New paint and everything.

    Looks good keep it coming

    If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger cheater bar.

    1999 GMC Sierra SLT Z71 | 5.3 "Vortec" | Spectre "Cold Air Intake" | TransDapt TBS | Hypertech 30005 Tune | 2005 Chevy Tail Lights | Denali headlights | Grill Mounted Fog Lights | AWS Bug Shield | 265/70/16 Futura Scramblers | Boss HD Speakers | 2005 Overhead Console | Flowmaster Super 40 mufflers 2N1O | Mostly stock-ish
    Bigger Amp Alternator | Electric Fans | Transmission Fluid cooler | Paint (Halfway there)| Interior Restoration/Upgrade with newer model parts | Window Visors (In channel) | Tint | Low-Profile Tool Box | LEDs throughout stock cab locations (68% Done) | And whatever is spurr of the moment
    CVN-69 "IKE-ATRAZ" AIR/V-2 Gear Dawgs

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    @nakranij truthfull all I know is that they ordered new bumpers and hardware and had it back together when I got off work one day, but I really can't complain seeing as how I didnt do any of the actual body work myself...sorry I'm not much help...

    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys really appreciate y'all looking at it. I'll definitely keep this updated as much as possible

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    Awesome job sticking with it. As for the orange peel paint that's nothing that some wet sanding with 2000 grit won't fix... then apply clear coat. You could likely do it, yourself and then have your family clear coat if they painted it initially?

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    good post man, and i like the truck!


    2011 GMC Sierra SLE 5.3 Z71 4X4 Stealth Gray Metallic / 2004 Chevy Impala LS 3.8 Cappuccino

    Tow mirrors - Diablew Tuned - Flowmaster Regular 40 - Ready Lift 2.5' lift - BFG LT A/T K/Os - Carr Light Wing - TruckLite LED lights - Optima Red Top - 50% Front Window Tint - Line-X bedliner - Airaid MIT - Tekonsha P2 - ARS Billet Grill - Fia custom fit seat covers

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    Thanks guys I really appreciate the positive comments. Does anyone have a picture of a single cab silverado with 16" DC2s on it? just curious thanks

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