I'm Matt from Myrtle Beach. I'm a Texas Aggie and a third generation ice cream manufacturer (www.republicicecream.com). Hobbies are hunting, bird dog training, fishing, and auto restoration.

I have a 2004 2500hd duramax with 230k thatit runs great, an 07 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited, and a 1962 Land Rover SerIIA SWB (w/a hot rod single barrel Rochester so it will hit 70mph) that I restored.

I'm looking for a new project. A 1950's Chevy Good Humor ice cream truck. My brother and I are launching our retail ice cream pint line regionally. I think it would be great to do grocery store promotions and other functions with a classic. I have found a few for sale, but it always seems like I'm about 6 months too late. Or they want 45k for them.

I'll start researching now on parts, tips, etc. on how to maintain/restore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If you're ever in Myrtle, I'll throw some ice cream your way.