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While we may not favor the vehicles on this list it's obvious there is a part of the public that favors them, and I hate to admit it but Toyota and Honda have gone to great lengths to show it's possible to build a quality vehicle in America that the public will buy.
I presently own a 1999 Toyota truck thats outlasted 2 other GM trucks, 2000, 2003, doing the same if not harder jobs as them even though they were both 3/4tons and its a 1/2ton. You dont have to like or buy their autos but the Japanese auto manufactures have got something going for them otherwise they wouldnt have the success theyve been carrying for a few years.
When you take away the "built in America" tag from domestic auto manufacturers it doesnt leave the consumer much confidence in that manufacturer, especially since foreign auto manufacturers have been getting good quality ratings for years, what incentive is left for an American consumer to buy a supposedly American auto?
I understand the frustration of the way things have been in the auto industry for years but myself I know that what is most important in the long run is to buy from an American company. Companies go into business for a profit so you have to consider that if you buy a Toyota or a Honda, where is the profit going? The biggest benefit is going to Japan or some other country. Myself, I will support my country 100% and only buy vehicles in which the profits are supporting an American company. I am very patriotic and I will support my country to the fullest extent until there is no country left and that will happen eventually if people continue to look for excuses to buy from other counties and not America. This country was founded and built by hardline patriots and that is what it is going to take to save it.