I like allot of light and I like LED's so yesterday I picked up my first LED's for my map and dome lights from a decent company. They are allot brighter than the standard bulbs that were in the truck, so everything is fine in that respect.

My question comes in when LED's are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. Say a 194 map light (incandescent uses 2 watts of power to light it and the same LED uses 0.5 watts to produce the brighter light (and it is color adjusted (6000k).

This is great.

But I want a super bright 2watt 6000k 194 LED for a replacement that offers 4 times the light output as the energy efficient LED, but I am still within the power specs of the original bulb.

Now when we get to turn signals and brake lights that either flash or hyperflash or have a high/low power setting.

Say a typical turn signal (amber in most cases) is 5 watts and a brake light is 10w/5w. Why use an equivalent LED that is 2w/4w when I want the light output of a 5w/10w LED which is 4 times brighter than the original bulb. Your lights at night are “to be seen” other than head lights and a white backbup light.
I want my safety lights to be as bright as possible and if the LED’s used as much power as the oem bulbs, then you would not need a load resistor or replacement flash relay to make them work without hyperflash.