ive had an exhaust leak for a few months now, corrosion that broke through at the exhaust hangar about 1 foot in front of the muffler, been nothing more than a nice 2 inch hole or so until yesterday on the way from san antonio to corpus christi, i was driving about 65 with my son in the front seat and all of a sudden...

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huge dragging metal noise, didnt know what the hell it was, so i pulled over off I-37S looked under my truck and bam there it was. That exhaust leak i had broke through and the muffler nose dived. thank god that I had a mini sledge on me and a knife so i just cut one exhaust hangar off (the bolt ladder looking kind with a piece of rubber between them) i cut it through the rubber obviously, and the other hangar was the typical "hangar" once i cut the other one and knocked it loose with the sledge, i just slid it off the "L" rod and threw it in the bed of my truck (took about 15 minutes) thank god my father helped me recharge my A/C the day before or my son would have been roasting in my truck while i was doing that...

moral of the story???

fix your damn exhaust leak when it happens!
my dad aint gonna leave me alone now lol
quick side note that flowmaster muffler is 10 years old!!! been from Texas to washington DC, to Bangkok, Thailand for 3 years, then back to San antonio for a few years, then with me to college down here in corpus christi, texas. yeah my truck has been around, but time to replace it now!