Out of curiosity's sake I googled GM Tech 2 to see what came up and went to "shopping"....... Ebay.....$1000 ( thats allot of money)....... third party dealers $4500 - $8000.

What is the magic of this thing? the software fits on a 32MB ( mega-byte ) memory card..... and the the cards are PCMIA O_O........ I can't believe the software is worth $4500-$8000 because the hardware is from 1980 and worth about $10 in 2012.

So at this extravagant price range I am sure Snap On, Mac Tools, Cornwall Tools, etc must have much better scanners than a Tech 2.

It almost surprises me that there is not an IOS or Andriod app that could be loaded on a 7 inch or 10 inch tablet with a USB to OBD2 cable for allot less than $4500-$8000 that will do the exact same thing.