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    Default GM Performance Parts Air Intake

    Hey everybody,

    I ordered the GM Performance Parts Air Intake for my 2008 5.3L GMC Sierra 1500 and I was wondering if anybody knew what the horsepower gain was with this specific air intake?


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    i have no idea, but let me know what you think of it, may get one for mine.


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    As with any CAI, without additional performance mods, you'll likely grab 1-3 HP in the rear wheels. This is true of pretty much any stock vehicle these days, despite the fun claims of "DYNO'd results!" It's not much, but frankly, you'll REALLY appreciate the sound quality improvement when stomping the pedal.

    DYNO results will vary by several percentage points per run, and almost always are higher the second time you run a system (stuff is heated up and warmed up engines perform better). Meaning you can do a cold run, quickly swap a CAI into the mix and instantly see 9HP gains, only a portion of which actually is provided by the CAI. Yeah, you can "get" DYNO results that show 8-15 HP gains, but unless you actually have a system that is starved for air, you're not likely to see the outlandish claims published by CAI manufacturers. You-tube is even worse!

    Please don't let that slow you down. I LOVE the CAI's. And other than a performance tune (which will gain you a HP per $10-$15 spent usually), most mods will gain you 1HP at the rear wheel for every $50-100 you spend. Want an extra 100 HP? Looking at $5K plus usually. (including labor install charges, of course!) The CAI fits right in line with that with inexpensive models running about $125 -150.

    Man, you are gonna LOVE the sound quality. It'll be throaty enough, you'll swear it's making an additional 20HP.

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    the main reason you get a cold air intake is for cooler, less restricted air. although you may only see 8-12 hp difference it will run better, better throttle response and will preform better under a load. If you plan on doing other upgrades such as exhaust and a tune the all work together as one solid unit...
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    Quote Originally Posted by darnie1987 View Post
    the main reason you get a cold air intake is for cooler, less restricted air. ..
    Ya know, if we were talking about a '70s, or early '80s truck, with a carb (or even tbi) and the old fashion round filter in the flat can on top of the carb, the flat can that had the short snorkel and pulled hot engine compartment air into the vehicle, I agree, with a CAI, you would see a hp gain.

    However, the newer trucks use a filter box mounted to the front corner of the truck. The filter box is open to the "cold" behind the radiator. Factory trucks already have cold air access.

    The performance version, will only provide a low restriction filter and a smoother flowing duct between the filter and the throttle body.

    It will sound a lot better, but hp gains will not be much, and, only at wot.

    Having said all of that, I would love to have one the sound is the thing.

    '09 Avalanche LTZ - Black
    '05 Envoy XL (sold)

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    id have to say that i dont agree with all stated. although the stock set up pulls air " out of the wheel well'' it also has alot of noise reduction and restrictions also the box gets heat soaked causing the air to be heated. if your cruising down the highway the under the hood temps wont be as great but anyone who drives in town or in stop and go traffic will have so good heat under the hood. i wish i still had my logs but i have a plx set up that monitors the air intake temp mine changed alot just my 2 cents...
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    your best bet is to do intake, exhaust, and a tune they all work together and with all 3 you will see a greater gain they feed off eachother

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    Quote Originally Posted by darnie1987 View Post
    just my 2 cents...
    We're all throwing in our 2 cents worth, that's what makes these conversations fun, haha.

    I agree completely with the air flow restrictions and I know there is a gain from that.

    But, I don't know about the box getting heat soaked (it probably does), but a lot of the CAIs use the factory box. In fact, some manufactures want you to remove the factory cover and seal the box with the hood.

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    if u have or can get ahold of a temp gun hit the intake box some time. if i can find the article ill post it on here

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    Quote Originally Posted by darnie1987 View Post
    if u have or can get ahold of a temp gun hit the intake box some time. if i can find the article ill post it on here
    Not arguing over temps, just saying if the factory box gets heat soaked, what keeps the CAI boxes from the same problem?

    I've never held one in my hands, but the walls (in pics and on E-bay) just look like single layer plastic, or steel. I'm just asking, what keeps the after market boxes from getting heat soaked?

    I'd love to have one (and the sound alone, may be enough to convince me, and, I like the way they look under the hood), I would just like to understand the power gain claims.

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