Hey guys,

I need some ideas on the mods I can do to improve the ride of the truck. I am replacing shocks this weekend for Bilstein HDs, and putting on new tires next month. Are there any other mods one can do to "soften" the ride? As of now, any little pothole feels like i hit a brick wall with truck swaying and bouncing all over the place.
As much as I hope its the shocks, it almost feels like the springs are way too stiff. Is that possible? Only rationale behind that is a thought that an old shock absorber will make a ride too bouncy/soft as opposed to stiffer, but i'm not an expert.

so anyway, looking for ideas... do they make softer aftermarket springs, torsion bars, leaf springs, etc...? All I can find is discussion on lowering/raising, but nothing regarding improving ride quality.