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    Default No Electrical Power but Still Cranks

    I have a 2003 Silverado LS 2WD

    3 Weeks ago I attempted to unlock my truck with my keyless remote and foundthat nothing happened when I pushed the unlock button. I used my key to unlockthe door and found none of my interior lights were working as well. I put thekey in the ignition anyway and found that once i turned the key to the"on" position all the dash lights and headlights would turn on. But Inoticed none of the gauges would turn the correct position. They kind ofstopped 1/4 of the way to the normal "On" position. I also noticedthe brake booster was making a lot of noise like the system could reachpressure. In fact the "reduced Brake Pressure" message was on the messagescreen.

    I proceeded to turn the key to the start position and to my amazement the truckcranked with full power just like any other morning. But to my disappointmentthe truck started and choked out. Almost like it wasn't getting fuel. Whichwould make sense if none of the other systems, like the brake system, were notreceiving all the power they needed as well.

    After reading and trying new things I disconnected the battery for 24 hours andreconnected it. It totally fixed the problem, the keyless worked, the gaugesworked, and the truck fired right up. I drove it around and parked it in abetter location in case the problem came back. After parking it I let it sitfor a couple hours and sure enough the problem came back in the same form. Nokeyless, power when the key was turned to the "on" position but not100% full power, and cranking but no starting.

    Any ideas why I would see a reduction in power to all my systems. I found athread with the exact same symptoms and the solution of a new ignition switchbut I wanted to hear one more opinion before I go and start spending the moneyreplacing it.


    Thanks Micah

    O and yes I checked all the cables to the battery, checked all the fuses with atest light, and the power of the battery.. All had no issues.

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    Quick Update, i just went ahead and bought a new ignition switch and a new battery. No luck, still doing the exact same issues.

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    One more update today I plugged in a code reader and only got error messages. Does anyone have any advice?

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    So I got it fixed for those of you who might have a similar problem. It turned out water corrosion got into the plug between my main truck computer and the wire harness plug. This is the computer under the hood behind the driver side of the radiator.

    the corrosion was pretty bad but all it took was a little baking soda and a wire brush to clean them up. Truck runs great now. It was a super easy solution once I found it. i would recomend anyone with odd electrical issues to check it first.

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    Thanks for the heads up on that. You never know when an odd bit of info will come in handy.
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