My next personal truck will be purchased much like I bought my last one:


I'll search the the manufacturers website and determine how I want my new vehicle outfitted.
Then I'll search the Internet for a dealer thats offering the best deal on the type vehicles I'm looking at.
I'll contact them and do the majority of negotiation before I ever step foot on the dealerships lot.
I'll have a check or approval of xxxx amount of money from my financial institution when I show up on the lot to inspect the vehicle.
The only thing at this point the dealership will be able to add is any special finance savings which will determine how the truck is paid for.

I'll do a nationwide search for the specific vehicle I want, when I find a local dealer willing to bargain and ship vehicles from other dealers I'll begin negotiations with them.
Since they have better inventory resources than me they may be able to locate the vehicle closer to us but they will have my pre determined options, color, and packages.