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    Default parking brake problem

    my parking brake pedal goes to the floor with very little resistance on my 2000 silverado 1/2 ton. i had the rotors turned and they said they don't turn the parking drum. i bought new parking drum shoes at napa along with the pads. i couldn't turn the little star adjuster so with drum shoe off i backed it out one turn put the shoe back on heard no drag. why won't that star turn i don't want to get the parking brake too tight. any help would be appreciated thanks steve

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    Have you ever taken the adjuster out and cleaned and lubed it?
    It's in a place where it manages to pick-up lots of debris and road grime add the hot and cold affect and it doesnt take long to build corrosion on it, it's 12 years old now probably past time for a little maintenance.

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    Jr. Apprentice
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    Jan 2012
    san antonio tx


    thanks for the come back tb i gave them a quick look but i'm going to take them apart and give them a good cleaning

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    Steve, I had the same issue with my '01 Silverado. Funny thing is, it had been like for about five years and had always passed the state (TX) inspection. However, once I moved and took it to a new inspection shop, they failed me due to my parking brake not holding. I took it to Pep Boys and ended up having them install new rear rotors, per their diagnosis. The messed up thing was, almost $500 later, that didn't fix the parking brake. I took it back to Pep Boys and all they did the second time was tighten the linkage between the pedal and the brake. It has been holding tight for about two years now. I still say they took me for $500. :(
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    I am having the extact same problem with my 2000 Silverado. I also replaced my rear rotors with the drums and the e-brake shoes and checked the tentioner and mine are also loose and failed inspection.

    Is there a GM diagram on how to pull the adjuster out? I was able to turn mine and adjust the piston but the e-brake is still loose. If I remember correctly, it should "click" as you press it with your foot and be really snug.

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