In need of suggestions! I have a 2002 1500HD 4x4 i recently purchased 2 months ago from a retiring coworker. He kept up with maintenance through the cheverolet dealership, garage kept with only 44K miles. So, in unbeleivable condition. The A/C is my issue; it works most of the time and others not so great. On occasion it will blow warmer air at redlights or when engine is at idle and return to cooler air at higher RPM's. Over the last couple of weeks it has done it more frequently with occasionally cutting off and when I attempt to turn it back on I am met with a light that blinks three times. Could not get A/C to work yesturday, this AM it worked great and after church nothing(should have said an extra prayer). I took it to autozone and used computer and it throws no code. There is adequate amount of freon in the system, i tried to jump the AC pressure switch with no success. All fuses were checked and thats where I have stopped. Guys at autozone mentioned "Blend door actuator". Obviously, I am not a mechanic but feel that this could be something hopefully simple. I hate to just throw new parts around so I am asking for any suggestions. Of course it could be brought to the dealer but want to explore all options. Thanks for any help!!!