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    I hope everyone reads this... I did some research like Skippy mentioned to become more educated about oil. I admit that I was wrong. I am sorry and hope that I did not offend anyone or misinform anyone. I looked through a book I have around the house and it really opened my eyes up to synthetic oils. I am still reading about them. The main thing that had me skeptical about the synthetic oil is the price. However, it appears that the long term results make it worth it. As far as the engine light goes about oil changes... I was wrong about that one too... Part of me was skeptical about having a computer advise me when to change my oil, event though the computer(s) assists with operation of modern vehicles... LOL. Thanks again, everyone...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big_Mike View Post
    I I admit that I was wrong. I am sorry and hope that I did not offend anyone or misinform anyone.
    Good grief, I hope that wasn't what this felt like! Heck no, I highly doubt anyone is offended! We've all been there, and had lots of misinformation thrown at us. Information from trusted sources isn't always accurate. I totally applaud your personal investigation. Why? Because I might have been throwing a wad of crap out there! (I try very hard not to do that, btw, but it has totally happened in the past, where I was completely bought into a myth...) It's everyone's responsibility to check out data. You get good data, and bad data, and even from trusted sources, info can be wrong. A healthy dose of skepticism it well... healthy! What is really impressive to me, is the fact you took the time to actually investigate, rather than simply agree/discard information.

    Excellent post, bro. Totally speaks volumes to your personal integrity. Thumbs up!
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    I used to think my Pop was always busting my chops by challenging almost every thing I had an opinion about. Turns out he realy never cared about what I thought as long as it was what " I " thought and not just something I had heard. If you cannot defend an opinion then you realy don't have one. just my humble opinion!
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