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    how much did the diablo tuner cost,my 4.8l will **** and get pretty good i believe,from what wikipedia says,my 4.8 is purrin out bout 275hp and bout 300ft-lbs of torque. but i would like a lil more grunt on it. I did find a site called GFPerformance chips, claiming to add 60hp or more and for only $69.99. didnt know if anybody else had heard bout it or has any input seems legit..

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    that GF thing is a joke, it does nothing, do not waste your money.

    Gas vehicles generally do not gain much more than 25-30 rwhp from a tune, and thats a high estimate.

    The inTune for $389 will add about 20 rwhp to your vehicle.

    Mike Litsch
    DiabloSport Inc.
    visit our website!

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    yeah, hahaha... chips are useless.. I replied to your other post/thread....

    2014 Camaro SS - 2SS, RS pkg., short-throw shifter, NPP perf. exhaust, BMR strut-tower brace, Cold Air Inductions cold air intake

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    question,,will i need to change the MAS out or change any plugs or plug wires if i was to purchase the Diablo tuner, or will all factory equipment be fine. also do i have to hook it up to a computer or does it jus do the tuning itself from the diablo module. my laptop is so old you have to pull start it to get it going jus wondern if it would be able to handle all the data from the tuner,,(to many damn itunes songs) also is it touch screen

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    yes it is a touch screen... no you do not need to change the MAF sensor or plugs, etc... as a matter of fact, it is strongly recommended that you do NOT change the MAF at all - keep the stock one, aftermarket ones are not good.. anyway...

    yes, you will need a Windows PC/laptop (XP / Win7) in order to update the intune to the latest revision updates, import/export tune files, etc.. but as for the actual flashing of tunes into the truck, and recording data logs, that is done with the programmer itself, you do not need a pc/laptop for doing those things. but for copying tune files and data logs from it, yes you will need to connect it.

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    thanks monte!!!! i may be purchasing one of these lil devils in the next two weeks,,of course gotta wait for pay day,,,grrr

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    cool, sounds good man - thank you! I appreciate it!

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    hey monte,,,just wondering will the diablo intune also tune other chevy trucks or does it diagnostic to one vehicle,,also i see there is a predator tuner as well but not as fancy as the diablo intune,jus wondering if there was anything different about the two other than price?

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    it will work on other supported trucks or cars as well, but you can only tune one vehicle at a time...

    predators have been discontinued as of about 9+ months ago, don't even bother with those.. plus those do not have tcm/tranny support...less features... would need to buy additional cables for connecting to your Windows PC, etc...

    you want the intune or the trinity...



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