I'm looking to replace my transfer case SOON, like before next weekend soon when me and K go to Mississippi and I need to know some stuff. I am finding a few transfer cases but I am stumped to actually which one will fit and work in the truck. I know its a New Process 246 with a 2.72 ratio but I'm being told that I may also have the PO; NP8 which is AutoTrac 4WD. Kinda stumped on what I have and I can't look since the glovebox in the truck is from a different truck. My dad also says that there are 4 different transfer cases that they used for my year.

The tag on the back of mine says NP246; 2.72 Ratio

I am finding manual shift transfer cases from 99s online used for a decent price and would like to know if I can fit this in the truck or do I need one that is push button shift.

Is there something I can use to look up the VIN and determine what POs I have?