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    heres one thing im trying to think real hard on....
    im not sure... BUT...
    im pretty sure this didnt start until right after i got my intake manifold gasket replaced about 3 weeks ago, but the thing is im not sure, of course i was paying extra attention right after the repair to make sure they didnt mess anything up but i can remember if this misifirng was prior to that or not
    2000 Chevrolet Silverado

    4.3L V6, 4L60E, 2WD, Single Cab
    Airaid CAI
    Poweraid TB Spacer
    Flowmaster 10-series exhaust (dumped)
    Edge CS insight monitor
    4.10 gears
    Limited-slip differential
    LS-1 Dual Electric fans
    Corvette tranny servo swap

    Head Unit: Alpine
    Speakers: Alpine SPR-60C 6.5" component set, 4X6 Infinity Kappas
    Subs: 2-12" Kicker CVT's
    Amps: Alpine-M1000 (subs), Alpine MRX-F65 (Speakers)

    305/70R16 NITTO Terra Grapplers
    16" PROCOMP 7089's
    2" leveling kit
    3" Fabtech Spindle Lift Kit
    Front/Rear-Bilstein 5100 shocks

    35W HID Low Beams
    RECON LED smoked roof cab lights
    HELLA LED taillights and 3rd brakelight
    HELLA FF-75 Aux. Reverse Lamps
    RIGID dually D2, flush mount, wide beam
    Hawk HPS Brake pads
    Russell braided steel brake lines
    Powerstop-red powdercoated brake calipers
    Powerslot Cryo brake rotors
    EGR in-channel window visors

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    Yeah, I usually replace injectors around 120K to 140K. Generally makes things work better all around, and prevents failure in other areas.

    Good luck!

    2006 Vortec Max 1500
    -Custom Tune (389HP 440 Ft/lbs Trq - Dyno'd) | Volant CAI | Magnaflow Dual-in/out Exhaust w/3" stainless pipe tips | Fully Built Transmission w/ Red Eagle Clutches & Kolene Steels w/ Corvette Servos and Stage2 Shift Kit | 35K Tranny Cooler | Mobil 1 | Royal Purple Rear Diff
    -Spray-in Bed Liner
    -Premium Sound w/lifetime Satellite Radio | Leather | Sunroof | Heated Seats
    -Limbstriping from USING the truck (those are badges of honor)

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    Hey guys I'm new on here but, I had the same problem with my 98 5.7. The intake and head gaskets were the victim of Dexcool. The intake was leaking antifreeze into the cylinders just enough to dampen the plugs and cause a misfire. Once the engine ran for just a little bit the plugs would clean up and start firing again. I yanked the heads and rebuilt from there on up. Just check the plugs after it has sat for a day or so or start it and let it run for about a minute, shut it off before the miss goes away and then check the plugs and you should be able to find exactly which plugs aren't firing just by the condition of the electrode. Good luck

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    I would pull the spark plugs and check how they look. Also, it would be a good idea to determine if the misfire is occurring on 1 or more cylinders, and determine which cylinders are misfiring. You can use a spark tester tool for this. If all else fails, replace your spark plug wires and spark plugs (if you haven't recently) and see how it runs then.

    If all cylinders are firing, but 1 is still misfiring, it may be a faulty injector. In order for the engine to run you must have fire, air, and correct timing.

    As for the Timing, as an engine warms up the timing will advance. Check your timing to make sure it is correct. You may just have to align the distributor or change a timing belt.

    As with anything, test the most likely culprits before trying to replace anything. Replacing parts that may otherwise be good can really add up quick, and just about every mechanical or electrical part can be tested one way or another.

    Good luck!

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