Hey All,

This is my first post here, hopefully future posts will be for solutions instead of problems.

I have a 2002 Silverado 2500 HD with 6.0L gas engine, it only has about 98,000 miles. Recently, it's started doing two things and I don't know if they are related:

1) Threw a P0322 code. This one is pretty straight-forward and the truck does the rough-idle and other things that are called out in the OBD forums. I am planning to replace the knock sensors as advised.

2) This is the weird part:
* Sometimes when I'm driving, the computer resets several times in a row; that is, the radio turns off then on again, the gauges all go to zero then back to correct reading, ABS and brake lights flash, etc. as though I just turned the key on.

* In addition, although this has only happened at idle, sometimes the truck will DIE on the spot and cannot be started again. When this happens, the truck is *completely* dead electrically - door locks don't work, no dome lamp; it's like no battery is installed. I'm not sure what happens, but at some point (usually about 10 minutes or so) it just works again, like nothing was ever wrong.

Is the ECM a goner? What could cause this?

EDIT: More oddity - when the truck is running with no electrical issue, it shows a "check engine". After the truck resets, dies and comes back, check engine is OFF, but it runs WORSE. After a while (a few miles) it will improve and then Check Engine comes back on. Really.