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    Default Silverado aftermarket exhaust help!!!

    I have a 2010 Silverado 1500 5.3 4x4 which I installed a mbrp pro series exhaust on last winter. I chose the mbrp setup after much research and investigation into the right one for me. Originally I had wanted a flowmaster but decided to go with the mbrp.
    What I was looking for out of the exhaust was a nice, deep sound that was very loud. The louder the better. That was the main focus; better performance and quality would be bonuses.
    After I installed it, I wasn't as happy with it as I had hoped. It doesn't have the loud rumble I was looking for. I was just going to leave it alone, but lately I have been wondering if I should fix it.

    So, I am posting this to ask if anyone out there can help me. Is there any way to make it louder with the setup I've got?
    I was kinda thinking I could get rid of the muffler and just do a straight pipe all the way. Or maybe switch out the muffler with a different one that would give it more volume. Idk if that's possible, it's just something I thought of. I know I could do something with the headers, but that may cost a bit much.
    Right now I have a 3" pipe coming off the headers to the mbrp muffler, which splits into two 2.5" pipes out the back.

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    If you're looking for a quick upgrade, aftermarket exhaust pipe tips that start at your 2.5" diameter and are 4" or larger at the tip will act somewhat as would a megaphone. They'll amplify the sound output. Going to 3" pipes will do the same. The #1 adjustment though will be the type of muffler used. Switching out to a designed focused on sound output (such as glasspacks or "cherry bombs") will definitely create some noise. You'll probably find, though most of the "performance mufflers" will have a more mellow sound at idle, and really only open up at WOT. If you're looking for noise when you stomp, you might also consider a cold air intake kit with an exposed filter. That'll open up more sound coming from your engine as well, increasing the overall "throaty" sound output of the whole rig.


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    You don’t have to do a straight pipe. What I am going to do. I have looked into this for a while. Cut off the muffler and take to muffler shop and tell them to connect the two together. Which for mine means they have to put a 2” bend in it, I priced it and cost $75 at a local shop. I am not a professional, just saying I looked into it.
    Tim Walters (Curky)

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    I like the idea of larger exhaust tips, I am going to look into that. I know I have seen some bow tie tips, I think those would look pretty sweet and maybe open it up a bit.
    I think I'm also going to check out a cherry bomb, I've looked at those and that might be the way to go.
    They will have plenty of sound and performance right? I had a cherry bomb glasspack on my old truck, a 92 k1500 and I know that sounded awesome. I've got an appointment with a local muffler shop to give me an estimate on changing a few things for me so we'll see.

    Curky, what did you mean by cutting the muffler off and having someone connect the two together? I guess I'm not following you there

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