I just bought this 93 Sonoma V6 today, and when the vehicle is running I tried to spin the a/c clutch and its not moving, and if I turn the a/c on, immediately loud squeaking and looks to be like the pulley had stopped( but A/C pulley spins fine when a/c is off) so I immediately shut the a/c off so the belt wouldn't break.
I tried searching but seem to not find my exact problem but would this be a pulley bearing problem, clutch bearings or??
Hoping its not the compressor itself cause it still has not been converted to updated fittings and I dont have a evacuation tool to vac out the system to change out the compressor and that seems to be too costly for a 93 Sonoma, but I live in Florida so a/c is a need right now.

Please if you have experience with this certain issue than please reply only. thanks in advance!!!