One of the benefits of producing your own plastic is that you have an endless avenue of manufacturing capabilities.

The EGR Group is a privately-owned design, manufacturing and marketing company that specializes in the Automotive, Building and the "point-of-purchase" retail Display sectors

Here are some of the other divisions of the EGR Group.

EGR Aftermarket Automotive
EGR Group have been making OEM standard Automotive accessories across 4 decades.The cornerstone of the business is the acrylic and metal product ranges covering key market segments like Headlight and Hood protectors, Weather Visors, Fender Flares, Tonneau Covers, Hard Lids and Canopies, Nudge Bars, Bull Bars, European Compliant Integrated Frontal Protection Systems and Chrome Accessories.

EGR OEM Automotive
EGR produces on-time and on-spec product for a range of OEMS. For many years, EGR Automotive has supplied the major markets across Europe, USA, the Americas, the UK, and Australasia.

EGR Decor
Commercial Paneling, Residential Paneling & Lamination Foils

EGR Display
We have produced an extraordinary range of POP displays for global brands, industries and product lines ranging from product glorifiers through to intricate display cabinets and just about everything in between! - Electronics, Food and Beverage, Gaming, Health and Beauty, Industrial, Liquor, Pharmaceuticals and Telecommunications.

EGR Extrusion
EGR produces a wide range of plastic sheet products. From standard mono layer to multi layer co-extruded sheet, General pupose to Optical grade.