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You should get back into racing. I'm trying to get on a some circuit next year. I have a good friend who runs gt and gs series in grand am and he'll admit I'm a better racer than him so I'm hoping he can get me out in a car sometime this year. But don't let a bad wreck take you down, everybodys gunna wreck just gotta have the right equipment and it seems like you did. I have some pretty good battle wounds, most of them are from motorcycles though
the main reason i had ended racing was b/c of that accident i was injured pretty bad and had already signed up the military so i had to step away to make sure i could still enlist and serve. Ill get back into the dirt racing whenever i decide to call my time in the military to an end. I miss racing very much, every chance i get to watch a race i go to it. doesnt matter if its dirt or asphalt, ill be there on a friday or saturday night. Our equipment was some of the best for dirt cars, all sponsered by jack sprague and port city racing out of my hometown.