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    Default need help with flickering headlights!!!

    Hey guys, I recently noticed my headlights and dash lights flickering while im driving down the road. I dont really have a lot of electrical accessories in the truck. I have HIDs for low beams, stock high beams and (4) Hella lights on the brush guard which i do not run often. I have also noticed the interior lights dim and voltmeter drop from 14 to about 9 when I roll my windows up.

    Just trying to get an idea of where to start before I start throwing money into it. Im not sure when the battery was replaced but I put a new alternator on it less than 2 months ago. Help! This is driving me crazy! Thanks!!
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    Is it only while driving or does it manifest at idle, too? How about if you're parked but applying throttle?

    I'm asking because if it's only while driving it suggests a loose connection ... whereas if it does it at idle or while revving and stopped it could be the alternator.

    I'd certainly check the alternator, engine ground, and battery connections (including the red positive junction box near the alternator) and make sure they are all clean and tight, just for good measure -- regardless of the moving/non-moving bit. If all connections were tight I'd next apply a meter to the alternator if I could reproduce the problem while not moving ... and make sure it's output was consistent.

    Hopefully those basics help...
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    If you can't find the failure point, just tell people its a safety feature, when you sell the vehicle. People notice you better with flickering lights. LOL

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    Check the small ground wire that goes from the negative battery terminal to the body of the truck. That is most commonly the failure that will cause that to happen. If that is secure, move on to other grounds. you have a bad one someplace.
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    You installed HID bulbs in the factory reflector housings? Did you use a cheap 55w HID kit with the big ballasts? I bet if you plug the factory bulbs back in and take the HID stuff out, it will stop flickering. It's a common problem with many HID installs.

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    It does it at idle as well as driving. It begins as soon as i start the truck. The HIDs have been in since 2007 so I dont really suspect them. Especially since its not only the headlights that flicker. My interior cab lights, as well as the intrument cluster and radio flicker. As far as I can tell, nothing in particular causes it as far as idle, higher RPMs, in gear or park. The fact that my voltmeter drops considerably while trying rolling up or down my windows makes me think it may be time for a new battery? I suppose it definitely wouldnt hurt to check my ground wires.

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