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    Question 200,000 mile maintenance

    Ok, I've seen a lot about about 100,000 mile maintenance and what to do, but what about at 200,000 miles there has to be more than just what is listed at the 100,000 mile. I'm just wondering what to do at 200,000 miles.

    I know the basics
    • Replace spark plugs
    • Replace distributor
    • replace wire set
    • oil change
    • change air filter
    • usually replace shocks.
    • change differential and transfer case fluid(did tranny recently)

    But is there anything else I should do to keep my truck running in the best possible shape.

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    Drop the tranny pan, clean it, and replace tranny oil filter ... but you said you got that recently. I'd also check all rubber hoses and replace any/all that look sketchy ... and maybe do a coolant flush.

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    Ok, anything else weird I might have to do like gaskets that might need to be replaced. I plan on doing this all around the end of next June when the truck should hit 200,000 so I'm going to try to save to do all that I can. Also what brand is recommended for the new distributor and to I just need to replace the distributor cap and rotor or should I do the whole thing. Same goes for spark plugs and wireset whats the best brand for keeping her running like new.

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    The distributor does not need to be might want to change the cap and the rotor.

    The 200k maintenance is the same as the 100k (it repeats every 100k).

    O2 sensors get lazy, I like to change them when I change plugs.

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    Fuel injectors. With 200K miles on them, they're not optimally running. A single bad injector can cause major engine damage. I like to replace mine at the 140K mark, though it's probably early for many vehicles, it's a whole lot cheaper than rebuilding...

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    Darn this might rack up to over $1000. Having trouble finding the injectors only can find multi-point conversion kits.

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    Maybe do it piecemeal between now and 200k. There's nothing special about that number, after all ... and there's nothing wrong with preventative maintenance.

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    On a forum, your going to get a lot of suggestions that are personal likes (look at the people who still change their oil every 3,000 miles), grab a copy of the owner's manual, go with GM's recommendations.

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    I still change my oil less than ever 3,000 mainly because it can take up to a year to reach that with the minimal amount of driving I do. I usually go for every 3-four months or so most I went was 6 months least 2 but I was also replacing leaking oil filter adapter gasket it was getting really bad. But Yah I'll try to do the ignition system at the same time. But everything else will be gradual I was just wondering what you guys recommended as well to help keep the truck in shape I was gonna do everything the intervals say.

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