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First off, I woud not attempt to get the truck to 98MPH again until you have a tire rated for that speed. You stated that your tires are only rated for 80mph! Exceeding that is just plain ignorant. I would not want to be driving my family anywhere near your tragic accident waiting to happen. You are risking your life, any of your passenger's lives, and anyone driving near you lives when you exceed the speed rating of your tires by any amount. After you get some tires rated for higher speeds, then checkout some of these: http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/se...rformance+Chip. I am sorry if I seem like a pissed off a$$. I hate to see people blatantly risk the life of innoccent people. .
I second what Pikey said. It might seem fun to drive that fast in a truck, but it is not a sports car. In order to drive at speeds like that safely, everything has to be right. Tires, alinement, shocks, steering. One wrong move and you are looking at the trunk of a tree humped over the steering wheel or worse; other people are because you hit them That is why I went to a track.

Really knowing how your truck handles also makes a difference. In the 12 years I have had this truck, I know when something isn't right when i am driving, and I know what it feels like with new tires, a freshly adjusted alinement, new old, new rear diff fluid, fresh brake fuild,new shocks.

Other things that are bad for high speed is huge rims with very little sidewall. (How many race cars do you see with 20+ inch rims and tires with 1 or 2 inches of side wall?) The minute you hit a bump the truck is re-aimed at something other than the lane of traffic you are suppose to be in and then the truck hits something because it is not in control of the driver anymore.

Lifted trucks with huge tires are just as bad, the higher the up the truck is, the worse it will be.

The police are suppose to be trained in advanced driving techniques and even they wreck and die because in that split second, they made a mistake at 90-120, 150 mph.