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    Default Oil, drier in my AC


    My first letter in this forum

    Well,,, I have replace my AC-compressor with a new AC Delco-compressor (and the old one was absolute dry, no oil in it ).

    As recommended I add 60ml of PAG 150 oil into the new one. I also want to replace the orific tube, but I wonder if it is some kind of sealings or O-rings in the coupling of the pipes, perhaps I could use the old one if it is so? And I am not sure where is the orific tube
    is to find?

    I also want to replace the drier (accumulator). I have ask around but no-one can sure tell me how much oil I have to add my AC when I
    insert the new drier. I have try to get this information with GM USA, but they can not help me, I have to ask in my own country (yes I already have).

    I got 1 answer, he say add 60ml into the drier (should I add direct into the drier or just into the AC-system?).
    But as far I know, If the system is clean and empty, I can see in my old compressor I should add about 250ml of oil...
    60ml of oil in the drier,,,, is that really enough when I have 60ml in my new compressor and then have 60ml in a new drier, when the total should be ablut 250ml?

    It looks like the people who do AC-service over here have poor knowledge about AC. And it looks like they use randomly PAG-oil,, 46, 100 or 150. I'm not sure if the PAG-nuber is critical, but perhaps it is??

    I also know it is several dealers here who do not want to sell AC-.compressors,,, the reason is they have to many complaint after.
    Is that cause of bad service from the people who do AC-service,,,, who knows ???

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    Well bud, I am not an expert on A/C systems, but I do know a thing or two about them. What you are doing is not a bad idea, replacing the orifice tube and the accumulator since the A/C compressor stopped working. Moisture is a big enemy of A/C systems (exposure to air creates moisture) Check on the radiator fan shroud, there is usually the manufacturer specification for oil and refrigerant and I also would recommend checking the owner's manual. Don't forget to replace the o-rings in the system and lubricate them with refrigerant oil (you were discussing them). The orifice tube is going to be in the line going to the evaporator, which is typically up under the dash. Use needle nose pliers to yank it out. I am not sure about when and where to add oil. Some refrigerant sold at parts stores has it included already. You may wish to do some homework before proceeding with this repair job. Better to be slow and cautious and get it right. Also remember to wear eye protection when working with refrigerant. I hope this helps you out and welcome to the site! Check out this links for more help:
    Hope that gets you up to speed!

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