I've thrown this code multiple times and have had to disconnect my battery and let my computer reset for a temp fix. This. Time that will not work and clearing the code doesn't work either. When I went to my local dealership at school they told me its either my cai or all the flooded roads. I know it's the roads cuz when it rains You can kneeboard down Hargrove, I've done it.

Anyways I decided to pull off my intake and check my maf and switch from an oiled filter to a dry filter and still throw the code. Next I check all my sensor under the hood and what I could get to underneath, since I read that loose sensor could throw this code, not really sure how. Am I going to have to replace my throttle positioning sensor? Or is it something else possibly? Any help would be appreciated, hopefully I can get it home by Friday when pops gets a new Tahoe and I can get Hendricks to tell me what's really going on. My dealership here just tells me it's my aftermarket cai, ridiculous