2001 Yukon XL K1500 5.3L

Had some rattling of the AC belt tensioner, so picked up a new one. It helpfully had TSB 03-01-38-019a prominently displayed on the box. While that TSB does not apply to my year, it's the same problem. Which this seems to indicate as well: http://www.gmtruckclub.com/forum/sho...#axzz25Qz2O21O

The new tensioner and belt made it worse, not better. I'm sure the old belt was doing more slipping than gripping, leading to a better outcome and no damaged tranny lines. AC fuse is pulled so someone doesn't accidentally trash everything, but momma's not happy she has to drive in the heat with no AC.

BUT there's a big caveat - truck has 185K trouble-free miles (owned since new), so I'm not convinced the TSB applies in this case. Or does it?

Any cheaper fix than an A/C redo (dryer, compressor, orifice tube, etc.)? It's not the dreaded R4 compressor, which goes out like clockwork every 100K or so I'm keen to try a simpler fix. Already have AC vacuum pump, gauges, etc. from my 4Runner's AC retrofit to R134a.

Eric D