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Yeah, you know, it occured to me recently... I'm 32 and this is the first vehicle I've gone through this level of maintenance with. I've always taken care of my vehicles with regard to cleaning, general fluid top-off, oil changes, etc. However, every car I've had since I was 16 was either really old when I got it and died (1985 4 cylinder Mustang my parents bought new in 85 and I inherited in 96 with 200k+ miles) got totaled (1993 Lumina I was trying to sell anyway and insurance gave me more than I had been asking, got rid of (1996 Silverado ext cab SB I took with me to Germany in the Army and left there) or was on a short lease. This was my first brand new vehicle and it's coming up on 60k. Therefore, it's kind of uncharted territory in regard to long term maintenance as I have every intention of handing this down to my kids in 8-10 more years.

I just want to make the best decisions I can including the coolant. I'll be getting the transmission fluid and filter changes, diff fluid changed, transfer case, air filter, oil filter and change and coolant system flushed. Hopefully That'll keep it healthy and happy into the 100s...
Well, if my truck is an example, I do all the fluid changes, regular maintenance and I expected major expenses (Transmission) to be allot farther out than it happened. And then the electrical stuff you use every day.... power lock switches, power seat adjuster, etc they leave allot to be desired at my millage because they all fail (On GM trucks), well cars too.