I was driving down I-85 south from Atlanta to Leesburg and still 150 miles away from home when it started missing and bucking at 60 mph and the whole vehicle was jerking back and forth. I slowed down to 55 mph and it was still doing it. I turned on the tow/haul switch to at least raise the rpm hoping it will help with the isse but it did not. Whenever I accelerate to 65-70 mph the whole vehicle will start jerking back and forth as if it was missfiring on some cylinders or running out of fuel. Oh, %#$t! my fuel pump is dying and may get stranded on the side of the road!

Well I decided to try one more thing before I gave up. I turned off the A/C and open the front windows. It was a nice low 80F outside so it would be a nice breezy drive. Wow! the jerking disappeared and I was able to cruise at 70 mph with no issues.

Question: Is it possible my a/c compressor is siezing up and affecting a 5.3L >250hp engine? I would think that the a/c compressor is so little to affect the engine. But I could be wrong.

I will check my a/c compressor tonight for internal mechanical binding by spinning the magnetic clutch pulley. Any other ideas? Thanks