I just bought a 2005 Silverado. It was a great deal and well taken care of, however, the stock stereo has a couple of the lights behind the buttons out and it won't load, read, or eject a disc. The truck has the Bose audio system in it so I figured I might as well get an aftermarket stereo instead of replacing with an OEM one in order to get more features/options as well as improve the overall sound.

I've found a double DIN unit I really like but before I go through with purchasing it I was hoping I could get some pics of aftermarket installs from other members in order to get a better idea of how a double DIN versus single DIN unit will look in my truck. I'm initially leaning toward a double DIN unit because it will fill in the stock opening more completely and hopefully that will help avoid getting a mismatched look between the dash color and texture and the insert's color and textures.