This 1981 GMC truck was purchased by now 96 year old Grandfather in 1983 as a late model truck. He was a Union Carpenter and owned, used, and maintained this truck near Denver CO until 2010 when I purchased it from him.

Colorado doesn't use salt on their roads, so this truck survived great over the years. When my grandfather bought it, it was originally a medium blue color. Grandma didn't like it, so she had him paint it cream/brown two tone , so that it would match the house. So, naturally, the first thing we did when we got it was to have it repainted. The Silver on Maroon two tone, with Graphite accents looks nice on the truck. The interior is still the original blue, but the bench seat has a cover on it.

In a nutshell, this truck starts every time, and drives great. The ride is nice, the steering is tight, the tires are newer, the transmission shifts wonderfully. No exaggeration, you could jump in and drive this truck to CA today. It's ready to go. It doesn't burn or leak any fluids to my knowledge. It's a perfect daily driver, or possibly a restoration project truck if you're into that sort of thing.

The details:
1981 GMC Sierra 1500 4x2
8' Longbed
305 V8 / 4bbl Carb
Automatic Transmission
Aftermarket receiver hitch installed - including the hitch insert itself. This alone was a $450 item.
Spray-In Bedliner
103K original miles

Truck was repainted in 2011
Mechanical (I have receipts for most , if not all, of this):
- Rebuilt the carb
- Tune Up - Cap/Rotor, Wires, Plugs, Oil Filter
- Newer Tires - tons of tread
- Had an Alignment done
- Replaced all Ball Joints in front end
- New Wiper Blades
- Replaced all 4 headlights, and their harnesses, as well as the 2 rear chrome license plate light assemblies

The bad:
- The interior is still pretty original, there are some cracks in the padded dash, the sun visor has a rip in it, etc. Stuff like that. Nothing real major.
- There's a few rust spots, pretty much all in 'hidden' areas - like up inside the inner fender, or something like that. Nothing really on the surface.
- The very last section of exhaust pipe, right at the end, after the muffler, it broke off. I have been meaning to get a new piece & bend to repair it, but just haven't. Wouldn't be a big deal.

These trucks , in this kind of shape, are getting harder and harder to find. This truck is no show truck, but it's in solid shape, and runs great. The only reason we're selling it is because i received a new truck from my work, so I just don't need 2 trucks.

I am listing this truck elsewhere, so this might sell at anytime. Email me if you'd like to schedule a time to come out and check it out.


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