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Thread: hub locks?

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    Default hub locks?

    I have a 2000 silverado 1500 V8 4x4. this is my first 4x4 and this might be a silly question.

    when i hit the button to go into 4 wheel drive, it engages(i think, light stays on) and going forward is fine. when i stop and want to reverse, that is when i have the problem. the truck doesn't want to back-up, i have to put it into 2wd for it to back-up. once i hit the button for 2wd the light goes on and i start to back-up. it feels like the frontend just went over a bump and a bang happens(sounds like when you hit a 50 gallon drum with your hand). what is wrong? i heard of hub locks but i have no idea if i have them or if that could be the cause.

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    What your describing is binding, the question is if it's binding in the front differential or the transfer case.
    Probably the best way to check things out is lift all 4 corners of the truck and try to operate it with wheels in the air.
    I suspect your binding situation is in the transfer case, it's rarely a diff unless you have a locking diff with problems or you've managed to break off a gear tooth, something of that nature.
    I dont recommend you keep attempting to run the vehicle in 4wheel drive at all until your ready to fully tackle the challenge of fixing the problem.
    More than likely this repair is gonna require opening the diff or the T case to see what has broken inside, then you'll need to replace the broken pieces and reassemble.
    Your truck does not have locking hubs, locking hubs would be on the stub axles at the center of each front wheel and you would need to turn them to lock the axle in or out each time you shifted in or out of 4wheel drive.

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    Before worrying about something broken, I would make this observation. Are you using 4wd when you shouldn't be? The most common cause of binding or windup like that is using 4wd on pavement or similar high traction surface (which does not allow the wheels to slip causing the tension thus created to settle elsewhere in the drivetrain). If you are using 4wd on pavement, cease the practice immediately.

    Another time I've seen windup be a problem even on loose/slippery surfaces was when I had mismatched tires after replacing only two tires. Oh the sidewall said they were technically the same size (235/75/15), but they were different manufacturer/model, which created enough difference in tire size to create binding in the drivetrain in 4wd.
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