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    Default I want real "independent suspension" with full payload and towing capacity with no hi

    I want real "independent suspension" with full payload and towing capacity with no hit to MPG's.

    I just saw this video and other than we do not typically need 6 wheels on a pickup, Why can't we have true independent suspension with no solid axles.

    If you get rid of the solid axles, then you are relying on the frame of the vehicle to distribute the load correctly, and that should not be hard to do nowadays.

    This thing probably weights more than a 3500 dually (9000 pounds approx). It has full independent suspension like a Hummer H1. If you look at it from the bottom when they are video taping it coming toward the camera, you can see the electric pancake motors in the wheels where the rotor, caliber, and brakes should be.

    This thing is probably powered by a small 4 cylinder diesel V4, or v6. Maybe a V8 because all they are doing is creating electricity from a small engine to power an inline generator, which provides power to the pancake motors in the wheels. ( NO SOLID AXLE), high payload capacity, high towing capacity, high torque, and potentially more than 50 MPG maybe even 100MPG if it is done correctly.

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    DARPA has a lot of new projects seeing daylight recently.
    I personally like the Mule they released video of the other day, looked like a pretty cool machine for carrying heavy loads in and out of the wilderness.
    The Cheetah was cool too, ran as fast as a live Cheetah only on a treadmill, cant think of a useful purpose for it though.
    I suspect the reason these DARPA projects are having video released is because funding is ending and the projects have been declined by the Military so the hope is a civilian use can be found to continue testing and production.

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    What's the top speed of the vehicle you linked?

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    Well that depends..... going through terrain like that in the video.... 14mph which is not "bad". If it was going down I40 it would do about 55-65mph. I would expect in terrain like that in the video you would not be going more than 20mph what ever you were driving.

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    In other words ... not exactly realistic for a DD.

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