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    if you are going to do this once and not worry then you will want to solder and shrink cover all connections. i got this cordless soldering iron (junk do dnot wast money on it it does not like large connectors)

    i cleaned the speaker wires up and they were ready for connections o the amp and speakers.

    remember to write down what you used for the Hot and neg wire. i took this on top of writing so i can just look at the picture.

    4 screaws and the new speaker is in place.
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    here is the other side.

    there is not alot or clearence so if i hear thumping i might need to install some foam to stop the banging (there is none so far)

    the covers slide into the front and then have a twist lock on the rear. i had to reach thru the headliner to remove and reinstall them.

    to keep all somewhat in place i connected the other end to the amp where it needed to go. i tinned the ends so the connection would be strong.

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    to run the wire to the drivers side pass door i went thru the jack pocket. this was a direct run.

    out of the pocket under the carpet trim. next to the seatbelt mount.

    under the door sill plate inside the wire chase and up the pillar thru the factory door loom into the door.

    and new connections into the door wire.(again remember which is hot and neg.

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    as i rem oved the door panel i saw the last person did a poor job. they did not use the right part and did not insatll all the door carrots.

    you can see some mounts were torn off the door.

    like this one.

    and this one.

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    i removed the old glue and paper from the mounts.

    8 1/4" screws has the speaker pocket off the panel. i then removed the speakers the PO installed.

    the stock grills were lost and i wanted to protect the new speakers so here is what i started with. the door pocket.

    these were what came with the speakers i had. i did not like the space so i needed to change them out.

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    the new grills were easy to install. i lined up the cover over the hole and drilled 4 holes and rivited the covers in place.

    the wire slips in the grove and cover is installed.

    here were the speakers i wanted to run.

    speaker installed.

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    i had to open the door pamel alittle to fit the speaker. no issues.

    all new carrots and all mounts glues back in place.

    install on the door and hit next issue. the power window motor is in the way and the door panel will not fit ($#&$#&$#&!!) remove panel

    i got new thinner speakers and no more issues the panel went in and looks good. next door. i started with this.

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    ok-more details on panel removal. the switch panel is held on by clips and 2 feet. i removed the switch and plugged it in so i could use the window motor if needed.

    remove the 2 screws on the ash tray and 1 in the arm rest and use a door panel removal tool and the panel comes right off. this was in better shape than the drivers side.

    8 1/4" bolts and the door pocket comes off like the other door.

    here is the old speaker.

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    again new grill. line it over the stock hole.

    normally the speaker is mounted to this cover but not in my case. here is the back side.

    line up over the hole and mark the holes and drill them.

    4 rivets and this is mounted.

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    and here is the new wire cover.

    these were part of a system i bought before. i wish the dubs would have worked, but oh well.

    pass side door completed. and ready for re-install

    no one had the correct door carrots so i had to modify these.
    this is how it started.

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