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    i had this radio installed in our other car, but the accident caused it to get totaled. the installer was the worst i ever seen and hope he burns his own house and car down. none of the connections were good. no wonder he had to replace 2 amps and speakers and main units.

    for main power tap there is a panel on the firewall under a plastic cover. remove the 3 plastic nuts and one 14mm nut and install your wire. run a fuse since this is full time battery hot.

    i ran the wire down under the AC dryer and the raditor overfill bottle (2 10mm bolts and slide up to remove the tab from the bracket.

    i found the antenna pass thru gromet so i punched a hole in it and passed the amp power cable.
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    here is a better view of the power wire make sure there are no sharp edges or they will eat into your wire and cause a short.

    i removed the pass side door sill and the kick panel. i then fished the power wire down thru the tranny tunnel so it was ou of the way.

    i had a slot in the carpet i was hoping to run the rear power thru but the rear seat mount was in the way. this worked fine for the front panel.

    i solder on a connector to the end and taped any exposed ends as this is battery voltage.
    i then installed the radio into the dash i connected the antenna, RAC and radio pigtail.

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    reconnect the dash switches and the dash panel. the "Cubbie" looks great and i put a non-slip cover on the bottom and the Ipod and cell phone will hang here.

    now to re-install the spare tire. i had to move the floor mount out 2-3" i got some steel mending plate from OSH and a few 3/8" carrage bolts and painted and mounted the floor mount the outside holes will use the stock bolts and floor holes.

    a fast vaccum of the floor gets it ready for the mount

    i used the old bolts and you can see how it works.

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    here is another look at the whole old system

    last look as they go into the paper for someone else to enjoy.

    ok- to space out the top tire mounts i cut a 2X4 and drilled holes and got 4 8X65mm bolts. i painted the blocks black so they blend in some.

    i then cleaned up the wires and installed the grey plastic tire rubs. i used dry wall screws since these are only for looks.

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    i then installed the spare tire. i used the stock center holder and j-bolt and wing nut.

    from the rear it looks almost stock. there is plenty of air getting to and from the amp. i still remove the rear seat just as easy as it was before the install. i did not loose hardly any cargo space.

    looking from the front you can see how much the spacers were moved to allow the room.

    looking from the top you can see the amp. you can not see it from outside the window.

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    i have 2" clearence at the top of the tire and the window that is 1 1/2" more than before.

    now the tire carpet goes on like stock. and the sub amp is connected and put in the cargo space (i pointed it to the rear seat. i move it or turn it as needed but this works fine for now. in 3 sec i can unplug the speaker and have full cargo room. i made it so anyone could remove and install the speaker and could not connect it backwards.

    well i took her out for a spin and this thumps and bumps and sounds great. it is completed and looks good.
    ********the pink purse is the wifes (it is her car) mine is no i do not have a purse.......feel free to ask any questions..........this was not too hard of a job and it turned out really good. i a pleased as id the wife.

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    I know this is a little late, but what about under/in the console?

    If you have one that is where I would put it, under the cup holder is where I keep my Glock when not on my person or if that isnít room enough how about under or in the main console compartment?

    Somehow the factory amp fit under the console of my Fiero so why not under the one in the Burb.

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    i did think about there but under the cup holder stays so cool i put a couple water bottles there. and both spaces are way too small for the amps i have......mike

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    Good write-up. How does it sound?

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    i can turn it half way up and not know i have 3 kids in back or almost all the way and shake the mirrors and windows and get looks for neighboring
    so it meets my wants and sounds real good. and looks great.....mike

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