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    Default 07 1500 Z71 NBS- Replace CV Axle/Exterior Engine Grinding Noise

    Hey all, I am new to this site and to the Chevrolet platform as well as to lifted vehicles. I also own a 1994 Nissan 300zx which most of my mechanical knowledge is in but I am looking to add more to it!

    I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado Z71 NBS with a 7" lift kit (I believe it is a RCX body lift) and 35x12.5x18R BF Goodrich KM2. I recently purchased it and ended up finding some issues and causing some as well when I took it off road and I am stumped on the fixes and looking for some guidance from the more experienced owners.

    I took the truck in some mud a week and a half ago and through a water hole- everything handled well and I had no issues. I was very impressed. A few days after I began hearing a loud whining/grinding noise from the front of the engine that would change with the RPM of the engine. Because of this, I assumed that there could be grit stuck in the pulley system and parked it. Is this an issue common with mudding/off road activities? I am unable to pinpoint exactly where the noise is being generated from when using my stethoscope.

    The other day, I also noticed that my CV axle boot had torn and I have grease all over my fender lining. From what I have gathered, you are not able to run a stock length CV axle on a lifted suspension because of the angle increase caused and the strain it will put on the axle shaft. What kind of axle system would be recommended for replacing this?

    Again, please bear with me as I learn more about the truck lifestyle. I am eager and willing to learn and hope to hold some of the information which you all have. I look forward to any and all replies. If you need any additional information, please post what you are needing and I will work to get it for you! Thank you in advance!

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    I was given the idea to remove the serpentine and accessory belts and run the motor to try and isolate the noise generating part. I did it today and found that both the upper idler pulley and the AC pulley are making noise and everything else is sound... or without

    The clutch in the AC has a 10mm bolt holding it in place. Is this a field serviceable unit or should I leave it be and have a rebuilt one put in? I hate to go that route because the AC compressor is still perfect. The upper idler pulley I could impact off and clean the mating surface to see if I can get rid of the noise and replace if not.

    Thanks Cleveland!

    I did look at the CV joint and the surfaces which it mounts to and did find about a 3" wide spacer which came with the RCX lift kit. From what I'm taking from the forums, I am able to R&R with a stock length CV axle because of this.

    If you have any ideas on the above pulley noise or care to confirm the CV axle information, please chime in! Thanks guys! These motors are a breeze to work on so far.

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    Got the DS CV joint replaced! Ordered both sides, but the bearings were locked out on the PS so I am waiting on a new one. =/

    I have also ordered replacement serpentine belt tensioner and A/C Clutch Pulley along with new belts for both. Only issue was that the A/C Clutch pulley is smooth and not ribbed... I am not sure if this makes any difference. For the time being I am just not driving the AC compressor but would like to have the option soon. Any input will be appreciated.

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