Just taking a moment to send out a holiday greetings and wish a blessed upcoming year to all.
I am a school teacher in Indiana who works with individuals with disabilities.
When I had time for a hobby, my 3 year old IS my new hobby, I restore and show Ferguson tractors.
I recently purchased a 2004 silverado 2500 HD with 15,000 miles.
Am hoping to use truck to pull 3500 lb. tractors to show (think she can handle it).
I am a little concerned when I read all the problems with these trucks.
I am currently noticing the abs brake fade when coming to a near stop.
I have read about a recall regarding these trucks, can I just call any chevy garage and have them check it out? I am not the original owner, and the truck was purchased 3 hours away from present location.
Look forward to further discussions.