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    Default Why won't it fit???

    Ok I know the answer to this is don't use it but I got a Tornado Air thing for my blazer at autozone for only $5 so it's awesome. The bad part is that it doesn't fit at all. I have the right size, 85, but it doesn't fit pass one of the sensors in the tube. I've not tried to remove the item but I think I'd break it if I did. Any thoughts?

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    Pardon me for my ignorance, but what is a Tornado Air thing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmeh View Post
    Pardon me for my ignorance, but what is a Tornado Air thing?
    Here is Tornado Air's Web Site,


    5.3 l 3.73 l G80

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    Don't really make fun of me for spending $5 on it. If I even get 1/2 miles per gallon then it's a win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmeh View Post
    Pardon me for my ignorance, but what is a Tornado Air thing?
    Its one of those gimmick things that don't really work .

    But even I might give it a whirl for $5. It is an interesting concept though.

    I will use a wind tunnel as an example. Most high end wind tunnels (not that any of us have a wind tunnel at home ) use a sort of honeycomb grid or series of grids to smooth out the air flow in the wind tunnel so that there is no ( or little to no ) turbulence before putting the object in the wind tunnel they want to measure wind resistance against.

    So "In Theory" by changing the way the air comes into your intake, there is the potential for an mixing or distributing the air better into the manifold (which technically is the main purpose of the manifold anyway).

    In reality I don't think it has been that easy for them to prove that it works, especially in real life situations.

    It would be nice if it did though. It would be a cheap upgrade for more power, better fuel econ.

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    I get spending $5

    What the heck-at worst all you lose is $5-and it is an obstruction in your intake-so you'll lose a bit of hp-and some chance it will inhibit whatever intake tuning GM engineers designed into that system(probably not a lot- but some) so it could even hurt mpg a tiny amount.

    All you will really lose is $5-unless you break something trying to install it.

    Just sell it on CL- look up what it fits-sell it.
    The reason they are selling for just $5-word has gotten around-they don't work
    Except they work really well to transfer $5 from your pocket-to theirs!

    I have frequently screwed up much much worse- $5-no big deal
    PS About 25 years ago-I was 35 yo-should have know much better- buddy convinced me that putting graphite "lock powder" would "improve" my oil-yeah-turned it to foamy grey paste!
    Probably was half drunk when I did it-should have know better even dead drunk! Took a lotta work to "wash it out"- 20 qts of oil and 5 qts of motor flush to get the crap out
    So I'm not picking on you when I say sell that sucker-get your $5 back
    (waaaay back when one of the early synthetic oils had graphite in it-looks black and nasty right out of the can and was so thin it leaked past every gasket seal-engine bays looked horrible)
    1998 suburban-
    1/2 ton

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshuaT View Post
    Why won't it fit???
    "That's what she said"...haha i had the chance so im gonna use it!

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    wont fit because its " from autozone for only $5"
    thats why
    Gas was $1.83 when Obama took office.....

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