My saab 9-7x has 86K on the clock runs good, but has developed a pretty bad oil leak. I originally thought my oil usuage was the dreaded PCV issue common on these, but there was a small spot on my garage floor that has been getting bigger. Well I pulled the bottom voer off to do an oil change and found a large amount of oil on the drivers side of the enigne. Most of it was around and all over the all wheel drive diff, but doesnt appear to be gear oil. Its thinner and looks and smells like motor oil, but its everywhere. Its on the frame, the diff, part of the oil pan, some of the steering system. The passengers side is bone dry and looks as it should. I can't honeslty determine where the leak is coming from. Since oil might be leaking on the drivers side axel and being flung all over its hard to tell where the source is.
Any one dealt with something like this before? Here are a few crappy cell pics. These are after I had the bright Idea to wipe most of the oil off. There was a lot more under there.

Part of the power steering I believe. This is shot from back looking toward the front of the truck

This is where the diff on the drivers side goes through the oil pan towards the passengers side

This is where the tranny and engine mate up. Zero oil here

Frame and A Arm I believe
See how wet it is?

Drive shaft from the transfer case heading towards the diff. top of picture is the tranny/bell housing There is oil inbetween the drive shaft and the bell housing

Oil Above the diff dripping off (it coould of been flung up there by the Drive shaft)

Oil pooling on the A Arm. The oil on the CV boot is from my hands.


Hard to tell but that part of the output shaft/drive shaft is soaked in motor oil.