So i was on the Warn home page the other day and found 2 winches they offered called the "powerplant".
they come in an HP model that is rated at 9500 lb and an HD model that is rated at 12000.
Nothing strange about that but what is neat about them is they both feature a built in Air Compressor that according to the site is capable of filling up four 35inch tires in 8 minutes or less making it extremely useful while off roading ( not sure how true this is but i have heard that lowering the tire pressure offers better traction when off road, and this would make it easy to re inflate before returning onroad), aswell as offers all the other advantages of an Air Compressor such as filling up a tube while camping or using a nailgun while on the job.

If Anyone has owned one of these in the past or currently owns one i would appreciate any and all feedback/ experience that is given.

Thanks in Advance