For Sale ‎1994 GM NV4500 5 speed manual transmission from a K3500 6.5 diesel 4x4 Casting numbe

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    ‎1994 GM NV4500 5 speed manual transmission from a K3500 6.5 diesel 4x4 Casting number C - 16812 $400 Illinois

    Needs input shaft, input shaft bearing and 3rd gear synchro At the least.

    I drove this transmission up til About September 2012. I pulled the NV4500 transmission because of the 3rd gear synchro not working after I had found a rebuilt unit.

    I did not find out about the input shaft and bearing till after I pulled the transmission. The pilot bearing had gone out and chewed up the tip of the input shaft.

    I swapped For a rebuilt. It has the round shifter top and the 6.34 1st gear ratio.

    The trans is from a diesel and has the balancer

    I am making a trip towards the 4 Corners - Southwest Colorado - Soon. I could drop it off anywhere in between that wasn't to far out of the way.

    I would have to have a little for shipping if I had to drive to far out of the way. I'd say $1 a mile one way

    I also have a rectangular shifter, spacer and shift lever/handle with knob I would sell for $105 it is missing one of the 4 steel bushings that goes around the bolts through the spacer. This part will work on Dodge NV4500's also.

    It does not go with the transmission I am selling.

    I would be willing to trade, partial, full, up or down, for anything I can use.
    Fishing reels, guns, ammo, crossbows, kids stuff - go carts, 14 volt and 18 volt Milwaukee batteries, 18 volt Dewalt batteries

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